Adorate Dominum In Atrio Sancto Eius - AD 1777

Exam protocols


Note to teachers - please be vigilant and patrol the centre during the exam to ensure the
protocols are adhered to and the integrity of the exam is upheld.

Students are expected to attend school only on the days that they have an exam. Students may ONLY go home when their exam officially ends.
Exam centre locations: 1st and 5th Years: Sports Hall. 2 nd Years: Study Hall
- All students must be seated in their exam Centre each morning at 8:35 am if they have an exam between 8:45-10:45am
-- All students must be seated in their exam Centre at 11:00 if they have an exam between 11:00 and 13:00.

1. All students sit in assigned rows in their exam centre unless otherwise directed to move. They are in alphabetical order according to the year group.
2. ALL books, notes & copies should be securely closed inside your school bag during exams. No books / notes will be allowed remain in the exam centre if not in a school bag. Ensure you write your name & class; your teachers name and the subject on every page.
3. Exam stationary will be given to senior students. Junior students will be assigned stationary if it is noted on the front cover of the exam. ALL stationary is collected at the end of the exam – no student is permitted to take home exam paper.
4. No student will be permitted to have a toilet break in the first 20mins or last 10mins of ANY exam. If a student has a toilet break the supervising teacher will initial and write the time that the student leaves the exam centre on the script. Coats cannot be worn to the bathroom during exams.
5. FULL school uniform, NO tracksuits.
6. Students may bring in a bottle of water only – no soft drinks/energy drinks. The water must be in a reusable bottle not a plastic bottle that can be noisy.
7. Exam will be cancelled for students who do not follow exam protocols.
8. Extra time will not be added if a student is late to school.
The following items / activities are not permitted in the exam centres:
• Mobile Phones or devices including headphones/ smart watches.
• Mascots
• Food or drink
• Borrowing of equipment
• Cheating/ using notes/books etc

Aug 22
Return to School 1st Years & Senior Prefects
Aug 23
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Aug 26
Classes as Normal 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th/LCA 8:45-12pm
Aug 27
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