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STEAM in Rockford Manor

STEAM in Rockford Manor

STEAM in Rockford Manor

All students who come to Rockford Manor who have a passion for all things science have the opportunity to be encouraged and guided by our science department on entering the BT Young Scientist competition and Scifest, and exhibition run by DCU.

The disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, known collectively as STEAM, play an important role in Rockford Manor and indeed, in today's world. Developing STEAM-related literacies, promoting creative and critical thinking and advancing problem solving skills are now important components of our school. We are committed to providing equitable access to STEAM experiences and literacy for all learners.

We are challenging and encouraging numeracy amongst our students with the introduction of the new exciting online platform, SPARX. This app personalises each student’s homework,creating a weekly set of questions tailored to their level of understanding and learning pace. The questions are designed to be achievable whilst offering the stretch that learners need to make progress. Sparx Homework is deliberately designed to help students get to grips with and understand the concepts and skills they are learning by ensuring they cover the essential building blocks needed to make progress in Maths, Science and Technology.

Success at 2022 BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

In 2022 - 4 teams were successful in qualifying and represented Rockford Manor at this year's BT Young scientist competition.
We were ecstatic for our students and staff to come away this year winning :

● 2nd place Biological and Ecological Intermediate group category - Sarah Campbell and
Leah Carraher.

● Highly commended Rosette- Dibyashree Mistree and Annalise McNinch.

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