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Counselling Room

Counselling Room

Rockford Manor operates a whole school approach to student support and pastoral care. Supporting all our students is part of the ethos of CEIST. We aim to provide a safe, happy and caring school that will allow for academic, social, spiritual, physical and emotional development.

Rockford Manor has two fulltime Counsellors for our students. Both counsellors meet our students on a one-to-one basis; run intervention programmes; use peer support and circle time and report to the yearheads for any other supports each student needs. They work closely with the school support system which comprises of SNAs, tutors, yearheads, SEN coordinator, Deputy and Principal.

A Careteam is in place which is made up of our two counsellors and our SEN coordinator - all who have a specific pastoral role. The Careteam meet regularly to deal with individual student issues as well as wider issues that may affect a group of students or the wider school community.

Throughout the year the Guidance department organises

  • Career Talks
  • PLC /Apprenticeship / College guest speakers,
  • CAO talks and workshops
  • Guidance Classes
  • Individual interviews
  • Advice clinics for HEAR, DARE, SUSI and Scholarships

Here are a few websites that may help you in your time of need:

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