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Green Schools & Sustainability

Green Schools & Sustainability

We established our Green Schools Committee in 2018. Since then we have been awarded our first flag for litter and waste (2020). We have also achieved the following in the past year:
⦁ A water audit in the whole school.
⦁ Measured the volume of water in a toilet flush.
⦁ Toilet usage survey.
⦁ Water meter readings.
⦁ Created a video highlighting the importance of pulling up taps to turn them off.
⦁ Created an Instagram account highlighting the importance of water.
⦁ Ran a ‘Think before you flush’ campaign.
⦁ Ran WWW – Water Wise Week.
⦁ Reopened the water fountains in our school.
⦁ Collected plastic bottles and put bottles in the cistern to reduce flush.
⦁ Installed a water butt system on the school grounds.

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When we set up our committee our intention was to promote long-term, whole-school action for the environment. The Green Schools Programme is a wonderful opportunity for students to become effective leaders in Rockford Manor and to educate the whole school about the merits of sustainable living.
There are eight themes within the programme
⦁ Litter and Waste
⦁ Energy
⦁ Water
⦁ Travel.
⦁ Biodiversity
⦁ Global Citizenship-Litter and Waste
⦁ Global Citizenship-Energy
⦁ Global Citizenship- Marine Environment.
The Committee started with Litter and Waste. The goal was to reduce the amount of waste going to land-fill and to create environmentally conscious pupils. To date the committee has achieved the following
⦁ Created a Green School Notice Board
⦁ Introduced Recycling bins into all classrooms.
⦁ Carried out a waste audit in the school to look at the contents of our bins.
⦁ Presented a power point to the entire school about recycling and what plastic symbols to look out for.
⦁ Ran a recycling competition in which the ‘Golden Bin’ was a prize.
⦁ Ran a non-uniform day to raise funds for Green Schools.
⦁ Established a composting system in the school for organic waste and set up a wormery to compost that waste.

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