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Junior Cycle & 'Drop everything and CBA'

Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle refers to the first three years of secondary education in Ireland. The Junior Cycle Plan sets out the framework for teaching and assessment during this phase. Here are some key components of the Junior Cycle Plan:

  1. Statements of Learning: The Junior Cycle aims to develop students' knowledge, understanding, skills, values, and attitudes across three statements of learning:

    • Students should be confident and competent in using a range of knowledge, skills, and processes to engage in learning throughout their lives.
    • Students should have a well-developed sense of social responsibility, justice, and equality.
    • Students should have the skills to manage their own well-being and make informed decisions about their lives.
  2. Key Skills: The Junior Cycle emphasizes the development of key skills that are crucial for students' future success. These skills include communication, being numerate, managing information and thinking, staying well, working with others, being creative, and managing myself.

  3. Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs): The Junior Cycle includes a system of CBAs, which are classroom-based tasks that students complete during second and third year. These assessments allow students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and competencies in a variety of subjects. The CBAs are marked by the students' own teachers and provide a holistic picture of their learning.

In Rockford we have introduced an new and innovative approach to CBAs in 2nd year. Where previously students have felt the constant pressure of completing CBAs - finishing one subject and having to begin another, we have allocated a 4 week block that we have names 'Drop Everything and CBA'. Here the students focus on every subjects' CBA and completes all the assessments in the 4 weeks. This alleviates the stress and pressures for the rest of the school term.

Final Assessment: At the end of the three-year Junior Cycle, students undertake a written examination in each subject. This examination is set and marked by the State Examinations Commission. The written examination is complemented by the CBAs and other classroom-based activities, which contribute to the overall grade awarded to the student.

Well-being: The Junior Cycle Plan recognizes the importance of promoting student well-being and supporting their social, emotional, and physical development. SPHE and CSPE, along with other aspects of the curriculum, address well-being as an integral part of students' overall education.

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