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School Personnel 2023 - 2024

Staff 2023 - 2024 in Rockford Manor

Principal: Ms Mary Gallagher

Deputy Principal: Ms Lynn Kidney

SEN & Programme Coordinator: Mr Blackmore

Career Guidance: Ms Scarff

Deans / Year Heads:

In Rockford Manor we have Deans. These are the year groups 'yearheads'. Dean is a vital function in leading, co-ordinating and inspiring the students of a particular year group. This teacher is responsible for liaising with subject teachers, monitoring student academic progress as well as disciplinary issues. The Dean also liaises with home and plays a pastoral role offering any appropriate support a student may need. Each year group is assigned a Dean.

1st Year Dean: Ms Sinnott

2nd Year Dean: Ms Wilson

3rd Year Dean: Ms Horkan

Transition Year Dean: Ms Behan

5th Year Dean (LCVP & LCA)

6th Year Dean: Ms Knowles

Teaching Staff

Ms. Kathy Behan

History, English & C.S.P.E.

Mr. Harry Blackmore

Mathematics & Business / Resource & Accelerated Reader

Mr. Vincent Diffley

Mathematics & Accounting / Business

Ms. Mella Horkan

Home Economics & S.P.H.E.

Ms. Cathy Keane

English & Religious Education

Mr Ciaran Flynn

Religion & History

Mr Tom O'Connell

Geography & PE

Ms. Tanya Kelly

Science & Maths

Ms Jessica Young

Science & Maths

Ms. Julianne Knowles

English, History & Art

Ms Joanne Murray

Maths, Accounting & Business

Ms. Nicki Russell


Ms. Wanda Scarff

Career Guidance & Counselling

Ms. Elisabeth Sinnott

German & Music & Choir

Ms Mary Claire O'Dwyer

Gaeilge, Music & Choir

Ms Mikayla O'Connor

French, Italian & History

Ms. Breda Smith

Gaeilge, Business

Ms. Aoife Wilson

Mathematics & Geography

Ms. Lisa Young

History, C.S.P.E., English, Learning Support & S.P.H.E.

Ms Emma Gallen

Geography, English and Accelerated Reader

Ms Beibhinn O'Hara

German & Business

Ms Casey Lalor

PE & Maths

Ms Bridin Dwyer

Science & Maths

SpSpecial Needs Assistants: Ms Michelle Brady, Ms Sam McKeon, Ms Siobhan Sweeney, Ms Christine Kavanagh, Ms Audrey Cowzer

Ancilliary Staff: Ms Tina Dempsey, Mr Eamonn Murphy, Ms Lynda Ryan

Aug 22
Return to School 1st Years & Senior Prefects
Aug 23
Preparation Day 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th/LCA 8:45 - 11:00
Aug 26
Classes as Normal 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th/LCA 8:45-12pm
Aug 27
Classes as normal - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th/LCA 8:45-1pm
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