Adorate Dominum In Atrio Sancto Eius - AD 1777

Senior Prefect Team 2023-2024

Being a senior prefect means embodying the values and ethos of Rockford Manor. Their positive attitude, leadership, and role modeling has a significant impact on the school community, inspiring others to follow their example and contribute to a positive and inclusive environment.

Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Senior Prefects 2023-2024

Head Girl: Manna Mathew
Deputy Head Girl: Jade Carroll
Senior Prefects
Zoe McLoughlin
Sarah Campbell
Megan O'Keeffe
Lucy Vaughan
Ella Dunne
Sharal D'Costa
Dec 22
Christmas Carols & School Holidays
Jan 08
Back to school
Jan 08
Drop everything and CBA (2nd Years)
Jan 18
1st Year Parent Teacher Meeting *School Hall*
Stradbrook Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
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