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Business Studies

All First Year students in Rockford Manor take Business Studies.

Why study Business?

Young people are growing up in a global, dynamic world where new opportunities and challenges continue to emerge. Studying business helps to equip students with the understanding, skills and attitudes needed to participate fully in an interconnected world.


Business Studies Information for Parents

Business studies encourages students to make informed decisions, to better manage their personal financial resources and to be adaptable, creative, and enterprising.

Business studies also improves their knowledge and understanding of good business practice and of business as a productive activity. Business studies provides an awareness, insight and positive attitude to entrepreneurship.

Junior Cycle Business Studies provides an excellent foundation for the three Leaving Certificate Business Subjects: Business, Accounting & Economics.

Further details of the curriculum can be found here:

Specification for Junior Cycle Business Studies

Subject Assessment:

CBA Information October 2020:

Overview CBA 1 2020-21

Features of Quality CBA1 2020-21


Assessment CBA1 2020 2nd Year

Note on CBA1 Business Studies 2nd Year 2020-21

The Written Exam:

Junior Cycle Final Examination Sample Paper Business Studies

SEC Business Studies Exam 2019

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