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Accounting provides students with the knowledge, understanding and skills in accounting and financial management necessary for managing personal and basic company accounts.

The learning experiences in accounting develop students’ organisational, numeracy, logical thinking, planning and problem-solving skills.

Why Study Accounting?

For those considering studying accounting, actuarial studies or finance after the Leaving Cert it would be unwise to leave Accounting out of their subject choice. It is also be an important subject choice for those thinking of starting their own business.

While not required specifically for studying any third level college course, it is recommended if Accountancy is the career path you want to follow.

What kind of student would Accounting suit?

Commonly seen as the mathematical side of business, Accounting attracts the more numerate student. The course is largely numerically based although there is a theory element.

While the student needs to have strong numerical skills, they do not need to be studying Higher Level Maths.

Although Junior Cycle Business Studies does provide a foundation for this course, it is not essential and it is possible to take Accounting up at senior cycle.

The course offers a hard-working student the real possibility of high grades because of the unambiguous nature of the questions.

An organised student who likes order will be particularly suited to this course.

L.C. Accounting Syllabus

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