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International Students

Here in Rockford Manor we welcome applications from international students.

Every year we are joined by a number of international students. Many of these come to us directly, often as a result of the positive experience that friends and family members have had here.

As a relatively small school where friendship, affirmation and individual attention are encouraged among pupils and teachers, Rockford Manor offers an excellent choice for international students who wish to study in Ireland.

Our international students are warmly welcomed. They integrate quickly into school life, enjoying what Rockford Manor has to offer and making friends within an intimate and caring environment.

Every year we host students from Germany, France, Italy and  Spain. 

Some comments from our visiting students – October 2020

“Cool Subjects & School Uniform”
“Everyone is really friendly”
“School is decorated lovely”
“The Labs are cool”
“Teachers and children are very nice, always trying to help you”
“Teachers like to teach, so they’ll try to make you understand everything”
“All the school is clean”
“I like all the teachers that I have here, my high school in Italy is really big and with many students, but I’m enjoying be part of a smaller school – it’s like a family here”
“The teachers are available for the students and I appreciate that”
“The environment of the school is really nice; the classes are interesting and the girls are friendly”
“I love the cooking classes; it is new for me”
The teachers are very gentle and nice'”
“Good atmosphere within the school”
“I chose this school because my sister came here 5 years ago and liked it, so do I”
“I feel safe here and I’m glad I chose this school”

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