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Music & Choir

Music has always been an integral part of the Rockford experience. Music features not only as a subject but as an integral part of the school environment.

Class choirs are a school tradition. The Special Choir, as well as enriching major events during the year, has competed successfully each year at national and international level.

Flute, violin and piano are also taught within the school and pupils are encouraged to take music as an option at both Junior and Senior level.



Everyone has a chance to experience choral singing at Rockford. Each year selected Choirs are entered for the Department of Education Choir Exams in March and they also follow a prescribed music programme.

Rockford Special Choir

The school has a special choir for pupils who are keenly interested in choral singing. The aim of this four part choir is to achieve a very high standard.

Piano & Keyboard

Lessons are available in the school and take place during the school day. Excellent tuition, competitive fees and convenience make these very popular. Pupils are prepared for Royal Irish Academy of Music exams or, if they wish, may take lessons without entering for exams.


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