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Career Guidance & Counselling

Guidance Counsellor: Ms. W. Scarff


The underlying ethos of Rockford Manor’s guidance and counselling programme is the cultivation and enhancement of each individual student.

The programme embraces personal and social development as well as educational and careers guidance.

It covers individual and group guidance, aptitude tests, visits and careers evenings, all of which enable the students to make and implement informed decisions related to their life choices.


The guidance process aims to help students to develop an awareness of their talents and abilities.

Students are encouraged to explore possibilities and opportunities,  to make informed choices about their lives and to follow through on those choices.

Guidance activities in Rockford Manor include:

Induction classes for First Years
Study skills
Psychometric testing  e.g. Differential Aptitude Test (DAT)
Career talks from  Third Level institutions
Organised visits to Third Level Universities
Interview preparation
C.A.O. preparation

Counselling in Rockford Manor

Counselling is offered on an individual or group basis as part of a developmental learning process and at moments of personal crisis.

Counselling has as its objective the empowerment of students so that they can make decisions,  solve problems,  address behavioural issues,  develop coping strategies and resolve difficulties they may be experiencing.

A professional relationship involving absolute confidentiality is at the core of the schools counselling service.