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How To Get Involved?

Here in Rockford Manor we welcome parental involvement in school life.

Parents can get involved in the school by actively supporting school through the Parents Executive Committee.

The Parents’ Executive Committee (P.E.C) gives support to the Board of Management on items such as policy reviews. They also host refreshments for approximately  five events during the year which at some stage all girls will be involved.

The P.E.C. meet approximately six times during the school year for less than  one hour.

Not a lot of time is required to be part of the P.E.C.  but the support given to the school and the contribution to the girls’ experience within the school is very important.

The P.E.C. organise small fund raising events in order to continue to host refreshments for the girls and their families on key events during their school years in Rockford Manor.

Contacts for the Parents’ Executive Committee:

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