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The education process is most successful when pupils, teachers and parents work in partnership together, to maximise the potential of the individual.

At Rockford Manor, you have the opportunity to be involved in the education of your daughter in many ways.

You as parents are recognised as vital to the education process at Rockford Manor School. By entrusting your daughter to the school for her secondary school education you demonstrate a confidence that others before you have shown and will show again.

Education is highly prized in our society in general and in our school in particular.

Abidance by school rules is integral to the effective running of any school and parents play a pivotal role. Homework is another key area where parents can support their daughters’ education and ensure that she progresses as expected through the school system.

Parents should be aware that there is an active Parents Council at Rockford Manor and new members are always welcome. Parents are also represented at Board level by two fellow parents from the parent body.