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Science Labs

Science Labs

Science is a collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to understand the world around us and the wider universe. Essentially, it is curiosity in thoughtful and deliberate action. Learning science through inquiry enables students to ask more questions and to develop
and evaluate explanations of events and phenomena they encounter.


The study of science enables students to build on their learning in primary school and to further develop their knowledge of and about science. Students enhance their scientific literacy by developing their ability to explain phenomena scientifically; their understanding of scientific
inquiry; and their ability to interpret and analyse scientific evidence and data to draw appropriate conclusions.
Developing scientific literacy is important to social development. As part of this process students develop the competence and confidence needed to meet the opportunities and challenges of senior cycle sciences, employment, further education and life. The wider benefits of scientific literacy are
well established, including giving students the capacity to make contributions to political, social and cultural life as thoughtful and active citizens who appreciate the cultural and ethical values of science. This supports students to make informed decisions about many of the local, national and
global challenges and opportunities they will be presented with as they live and work in a world increasingly shaped by scientists and their work.

May 22
4pm TY Exhibition
May 23
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May 27
Summer Exams 1st, 2nd 5th Years
Jun 05
State Examinations Begin (Junior and Senior)
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