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School Personnel 2023 - 2024

Staff 2023 - 2024 in Rockford Manor

Principal: Ms Mary Gallagher

Deputy Principal: Ms Lynn Kidney

SEN & Programme Coordinator: Mr Blackmore

Career Guidance: Ms Scarff

Deans / Year Heads:

In Rockford Manor we have Deans. These are the year groups 'yearheads'. Dean is a vital function in leading, co-ordinating and inspiring the students of a particular year group. This teacher is responsible for liaising with subject teachers, monitoring student academic progress as well as disciplinary issues. The Dean also liaises with home and plays a pastoral role offering any appropriate support a student may need. Each year group is assigned a Dean.

1st Year Dean: Ms Sinnott

2nd Year Dean: Ms Wilson

3rd Year Dean: Ms Horkan

Transition Year Dean: Ms Behan

5th Year Dean (LCVP & LCA)

6th Year Dean: Ms Knowles

Teaching Staff

Ms. Kathy Behan

History, English & C.S.P.E.

Mr. Harry Blackmore

Mathematics & Business / Resource & Accelerated Reader

Mr. Vincent Diffley

Mathematics & Accounting / Business

Ms. Mella Horkan

Home Economics & S.P.H.E.

Ms. Cathy Keane

English & Religious Education

Mr Ciaran Flynn

Religion & History

Mr Tom O'Connell

Geography & PE

Ms. Tanya Kelly

Science & Maths

Ms Jessica Young

Science & Maths

Ms. Julianne Knowles

English, History & Art

Ms Joanne Murray

Maths, Accounting & Business

Ms. Nicki Russell


Ms. Wanda Scarff

Career Guidance & Counselling

Ms. Elisabeth Sinnott

German & Music & Choir

Ms Mary Claire O'Dwyer

Gaeilge, Music & Choir

Ms Mikayla O'Connor

French, Italian & History

Ms. Breda Smith

Gaeilge, Business

Ms. Aoife Wilson

Mathematics & Geography

Ms. Lisa Young

History, C.S.P.E., English, Learning Support & S.P.H.E.

Ms Emma Gallen

Geography, English and Accelerated Reader

Ms Beibhinn O'Hara

German & Business

Ms Casey Lalor

PE & Maths

Ms Bridin Dwyer

Science & Maths

SpSpecial Needs Assistants: Ms Michelle Brady, Ms Sam McKeon, Ms Siobhan Sweeney, Ms Christine Kavanagh, Ms Audrey Cowzer

Ancilliary Staff: Ms Tina Dempsey, Mr Eamonn Murphy, Ms Lynda Ryan

May 22
4pm TY Exhibition
May 23
Last Day for TY (until 11am)
May 27
Summer Exams 1st, 2nd 5th Years
Jun 05
State Examinations Begin (Junior and Senior)
Stradbrook Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.
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