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Parent's Association

The education process is most successful when pupils, teachers and parents work in partnership together, to maximise the potential of the individual.

At Rockford Manor, you have the opportunity to be involved in the education of your daughter in many ways. Parents are recognised as vital to the education process at Rockford Manor School.

Parents should be aware that there is an active Parents Executive Committee at Rockford Manor and new members are always welcome. Parents are also represented at Board level by two fellow parents elected from the parent body.

The Parents’ Executive Committee supports the Board of Management when required.

The Committee provides refreshments at various school events during the academic year.

The Committee meets approximately six times during the school year. It provides valuable support to the Principal and to the school staff, and contributes, in no small way, to the students’ experience in school.

Dec 22
Christmas Carols & School Holidays
Jan 08
Back to school
Jan 08
Drop everything and CBA (2nd Years)
Jan 18
1st Year Parent Teacher Meeting *School Hall*
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