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J.C. Business Studies

All First Year students in Rockford Manor take Business Studies.

Why study Business?

Young people are growing up in a global, dynamic world where new opportunities and challenges will emerge that are virtually unimaginable today. Developing technologies, environmental and societal challenges, demographics, global competition and changing consumer demand will drive these changes. Studying business helps to equip students with the understanding, skills and attitudes to participate fully in an interconnected world.

The following PowerPoint contains information on how students benefit from studying this subject.

Information on Business Studies for Parents

Business studies encourages students to develop an appreciation of how their lives are shaped by economic and social factors. They are enabled to make informed decisions, to better manage their personal financial resources and to be adaptable, creative, and enterprising.

Business studies also improves their knowledge and understanding of good business practice and of business as a productive activity.

Entrepreneurship enhances the quality of our collective and individual lives, often changing the way we work, communicate and live. Business studies provides an awareness, insight and positive attitude to entrepreneurship, demonstrating how it can improve our goods, services and institutions.

Business studies encourages students to develop skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life. It supports the development of analytical and critical thinking skills, encouraging students to be problem solvers. It reinforces the development of students’ numeracy, literacy and digital technology skills by providing a real-life context for their application.

Business studies also explores the interdependence of economic prosperity, societal well-being and the environment and encourages students to think and act as responsible and ethical citizens.

Business studies aims to stimulate students’ interest in the business environment and how they interact with it. It develops skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that allow them to make informed and responsible decisions with all of the resources available to them, ensuring their and society’s well-being, while becoming more self-aware as learners.

Further details of the curriculum can be found here:

Specification for Junior Cycle Business Studies

Subject Assessment Information:

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